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(5) Frequently Asked Questions Series
(5) Frequently Asked Questions Series: What will the new traditionalist denomination be like? Questions often asked from laity and clergy as we prepare for General Conference 2021 and the hopeful passage of the Protocol for Amicable Separation in conjunction with the Wesleyan Covenant Association (WCA). 1. Will there be a trust clause in the new denomination? The short answer to this question: There will be NO trust clause in the new traditionalist expression of Methodism. For those of you wondering what a trust clause is: it’s a special clause in deeds of local churches that says that the local church owns its property in trust for the denomination. In other words, if the local church tries to leave the denomination, its property would revert to the annual conference. Under the terms of the Protocol, local churches that follow the right process will be able to transfer to the new denomination and take their assets with them. That’s the good news. The even better news is that traditionalist leaders have committed that there will not be a trust clause in the new denomination so that local congregations will always maintain control of their own property. 2. Will there be apportionments in the new denomination? The short answer to this question about apportionments: There will be some sort of connectional support in the new church, but leaders are hard at work ensuring that it is as small as it can be. A task force is currently making a recommendation on a connectional support model that support is as low as it can be so that local churches will have more money in their treasuries to make disciples of Jesus and spread Scriptural holiness.


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